Welcome to St. Paul’s Online Prayer Journal. Like our prayer journal in the back of church, here you can list anyone you would like people to pray for. No need for specific names unless you prefer it. For privacy, you may simply refer to them with words such as “Please pray for my son… Please pray for my friend… neighbor.” The Lord knows who you’re talking about. Each prayer request submitted will be time stamped and will be deleted one month later. The prayer request will be reviewed before it is posted on the site. It will be added as soon as it is reviewed.

After you submit a prayer request, only the Title and Message you submitted will be shown on the website. Your name and email will not be used or seen in any way.


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  • Prayers for Anna Yaegel

    Received a prayer request call at rectory for Anna Yaegel. She is in St. Elizabeth Florence.

  • Pray for health of Jerra Rakes

    Jerra is a grade school girl who is suffering from Lyme Disease. It has hit her very badly where she cannot eat or move and is suffering very badly. The situation is very dire. Pray for Jerra and her family who have all but given up hope. She is in Children's Hospital.

  • Prayers for Soul of Austin Perkins

    Please pray for the repose of the soul of Austin Perkins and for his fiancee's healing and peace. Austin was a young man with fiancee who has a baby on way. Passed away this past week.

  • Prayers for Nie Family

    Friends of former parishioners David and Clara Nie are asked to pray for the Nie family since their son, Jeffrey (56) was murdered on Easter Sunday in his Hart County home. Jeffrey and his wife Barbara were the caretakers of David and Clara.

  • restoration


  • Prayer Request

    Please pray for a friend battling cancer and for a friend’s grandson Who is fighting a drug problem.

  • Hospitalized Parishioner

    Ms. Brooke Justice is in St. Elizabeth-Ft. Thomas and has asked for our prayers.