8th Grade Play – Mrs. Angela Hartwig

Academic Team
Varsity (8th Grade) – Mr. Chris Flowers
Jr. Varsity (7th Grade) – Mr. Chris Flowers
Grade 6 Team – Mr. Chris Flowers
Grade 5 Team – Mrs. Emily Addington
Grade 4 Team – Mrs. Emily Addington

Student Council

School Choir– Mrs. Helen North

Band– Mrs. Helen North

Scouts–  www.scouting.org
Cub Master: Pat Aubuchon   pataubo@zoomtown.com 
Boy Scout Troop Master: Todd Logsdon  Scoutmaster845@gmail.com
The Boy Scouts website is t845.org and Facebook: Troop 845.

Girl Scouts – Troop 2887
Katie Courtney- Daisies Leader (grades K & 1)
Eleana Laws – Brownie Leader (grades 2 & 3)
Linda Deckert – Cookie Mom

For more information about Girl Scouts or interest in higher levels, contact Mrs. Laws at 859-801-4019 or kytheta@hotmail.com.

Robotics (middle school)- Steve & Jeanette Bolin

Spanish Club– Mrs. Karen Poulos