Dr Tony Rieglings Letter 3/16/17


We are moving rapidly through our last trimester of the year. Things are going quite nicely here at school. We continue to receive accolades for the performance of our students in any number of endeavors. As we look to the finish line, be sure to chat with your child’s teacher if you have any concerns about how your child is learning.

Our Terra Nova testing window opens on Monday and extends through March 31. As directed by the Diocese of Covington, we test all students in grades 2, 3, 5, and 7. Each class follows a slightly different testing schedule, based upon the specific tests assigned for that grade. Your child’s teacher will provide more information. While the tests attempt to measure academic achievement, there are some things we can do to help make that measurement as good as possible. Help your student get a good night’s sleep. Well rested minds are more agile and better at working through options. Also help your student get a good breakfast. Fuel for the body is fuel for the brain! Of course, attendance is very important. Tardiness or absence will complicate the testing immeasurably. Students may not begin a test once the session is already under way. That means the student will need to make special arrangements for testing—before or after school, during lunch, etc…Rushed testing is almost always less accurate.

We have lots of news about how well our students are demonstrating their learning and talents. Our VEX IQ Robotics Team won the Team Work portion of the State competition, and is headed for the World Competition in Louisville, April 23-25. Way to go Pantherbots! Congratulations to Ellie Q, 8th grade. She earned First Place in the Diocesan Academic Showcase; Art, Drawing category. This year, we had a very tough competition, so finishing first is quite an achievement. We are proud of Ellie for demonstrating her skill in a great way. Our Elementary Archery team competes on April 1st in the State championships held in Louisville. We are anxious to see what they can do. Congratulations are also due to our 5th grade boys basketball team for their championship of the Heritage Academy league tournament. Team members are Max M, Rick E, Cooper R, Carter M, Paul S, Brady S, Drew F, Owen E, John Paul S, Jake E, and Ean E. The team is coached by Mr. Steve Schild and Mr. Brian Shea. Finally, Congratulations to Andrew B. for his performance at the recent YMCA AA Championship swim meet at Miami University. Andrew had to qualify for the meet, which included teams from all of Ohio and Northern KY. He placed well in several events; 5th in the 100 IM, and 6th in both the 25 backstroke and 25 butterfly. He also finished 14th in the 100 free style, and 17th in the 25 breast stroke. These placements were enough to make him the top scorer on the boys’ team, and the third place scorer overall for the R.C. Durr Barracuda team. Great job Andrew!

I invite you to join us as the St. Paul Fish Company, sponsored by our Boosters. We have a special treat for fish fry this week. Come early to get your seat! This week, and for the duration of the NCAA Tournament, we will have live television broadcasts of some games (depending on the local feed). We hope to have some great fun as we enjoy dinner and cheer for our favorite team. If you can’t stay, everything is available for carry out. Why cook when you can pick up and enjoy a great dinner while you watch in the comfort of your home? Please plan to join us on March 31st as our preschool students perform some songs at the opening of the fish fry.

We remain in open registration. Our registration numbers help us plan for the coming year. If you intend to register for next year, but have not done so yet, you should contact the office as soon as possible to complete the required paperwork. If you have not informed us one way or the other, we will probably call to check in.
Today’s reading is Jer. 15:5-10. Verse 5 begins, “Thus says the LORD: Cursed is the man who trusts in human beings, who makes flesh his strength, whose heart turns away from the LORD.” I am reminded that many in our world are totally wrapped up in things. Things they own, things they do, things they use, things they eat, things they wear… They are so embroiled in the acquisition of “things” that they forget to acquire the most important thing of all – salvation. Of course we don’t acquire salvation, it is a gift we become worthy of. But it does challenge us to think differently about what is important. Our relationship with God should be a central theme in our lives. It guides us as we decide how to be and decide what “things” are important—because they help us improve the lives of others, for instance. Lent is a time to challenge ourselves to do better at paying attention to the gift we have been given and how we might be more worthy of it.
See you around campus.

Tony Riegling