Dr Tony Rieglings Letter 3/2/17


We are in our last trimester. Wow, where is the time going? Report cards will be published tomorrow afternoon. Look for a note from the Ascend program. So many exciting things are happening! From academics to sports, our students are excelling. See the information below for individual achievements.

We remain in open registration. Our registration numbers help us plan for the coming year. If you intend to register for next year, but have not done so yet, you should contact the office as soon as possible to complete the required paperwork. If you have not informed us one way or the other, we will probably call to check in.

We hope you are enjoying the booklet, Bringing Lent Home with Pope Francis: Prayers, Reflections, and Activities for Families. For each day of Lent, there are reflections, family prayers, short lessons, and a story from Pope Francis’ life. We hope the booklet will be a useful resource on your Lenten journey.

We have several congratulations to pass along. We have two winners in the NKU Science Fair. Michael R. (You May Find This Electrifying) earned First Place in the category of Physics and Astronomy. He also received two other special awards: The Broadcom Masters, and the NKU Department of Physics, Geology, and Engineering (Middle School – 2nd place). The Broadcom Masters competition is reserved for the top 10% of middle school students in affiliated science fairs nationally. Michael is eligible to participate in the national competition. In the Environmental Science category, Rachel G. (The Solution to Pollution in our Creeks) received 3rd place. Rachel received a special award from the Water Environmental and Reuse Federation. The Foundation is a world-wide body which supports actionable research in the field of water preservation and reclamation. Aidan M. has qualified to compete in the state level competition of the National Geographic Bee! Only 100 students throughout the state qualify for that honor. The Kentucky State Bee will be held on Friday, March 31, 2017. McKenzie C. did very well last weekend in a top regional gymnastics competition in Michigan. In the girls 13-14 years old, she won Champion in the trampoline and double mini, and 4th place in level 7 tumbling. All are very demanding events.

The St. Paul Panther’s second grade boys’ basketball team won the Mary Queen of Heaven tournament this weekend. They came in second place in the league, but clenched the tournament beating the team, who was the only team that beat them all year (St. Pius). They all played fantastic. The championship game was a very close. They received two nice trophies for their accomplishments. Team members are: Ty M, Nik M, Hunter W, Ryn R, Carson B, Tristan K, Griffin B, Joseph M, Andrew B, Brady F. and Andrew D.

Our St Paul VEX IQ Challenge robotics team will compete in the state finals this Sunday, March 5th. This year we have two separate teams qualifying for the state finals. The competition is held at Elkhorn Crossing School, Georgetown, KY, at 12:30 PM. Both teams are highly competitive, and could advance to the top level competition   “It’s official,” the St Paul Archery (middle school) team will compete in the state finals on Saturday, April 1st.

Karate class has begun after school on Wednesday afternoons during March. The class is free and will meet during the month of March. There is still room; so you may send in the permission slip between now and next Tuesday if you wish to join the group

Way to go Panthers!

Many thanks to everyone for your help and patience during yesterday’s nasty weather. Severe weather at that time of day is always a challenge. The swiftly changing conditions make it hard to predict and then plan for. Please remember that whenever severe weather is a factor, you should place your personal safety, and your child’s safety, foremost in your decision to travel to school or to stay home. We generally excuse all tardys on days like yesterday.

As we have begun our Lenten Journey, I share a passage from St. Augustine (courtesy of the Paraclete Press). “[Do not think that] when this life comes to an end, that is the end for us of God’s praises. Not at all; we shall praise him then much more, when we are living without end. If we praise him during the exile we are passing through, how, do you think, shall we praise him at the home we are never to leave? . . . Living the blessed life in which God is to be perceived without any uncertainty, to be loved without any weariness, to be praised without end, why, yes indeed, that will be what our being alive consists of—seeing, loving, praising God.”

See you around campus.

Tony Riegling