Dr Tony Rieglings Letter 4/6/17


I hope your Lenten journey has been spiritually rewarding. As we near the end of the season, there are so many wonderful examples to ponder. We have so much to learn and to be thankful for. We have completed our Terra Nova testing of students in grades 2, 3, 5 and 7. Our students seem confident they did well. Scores usually come back near the end of May. If we get them in time, we will do our best to send them home before school is out. Otherwise, we will mail them as soon as practical.

Tomorrow is First Friday; as usual, we extend a special invitation for grandparents to join us at Mass or Adoration. Grandparents should also look for the information regarding Grandparents’ Day on April 28th. We are happy to host a special day for grandparents to join us in the classroom for some fun family activities with the children.

Please remember there is no bus transportation next week, as Boone County Public Schools is on their spring break. Please allow a little extra time for drop off and pick up as we will have significantly more traffic than usual.

St. Paul Fish Fry will be spotlighted during the morning show on WXIX, Fox 19, tomorrow morning. The news crew will arrive early, beginning their shoot at 4:30 am. They will conclude at about 8:00 am. The crew will concentrate mostly on the fish fry, but will highlight the school at 7:00 and 7:30. We do not know if the news crew will want to do student interviews, but, please let me know if you would object to your child being interviewed for a few minutes. We will have a spirit wear day tomorrow to show our pride in our school. Also, there will be no breakfast service tomorrow, as the cafeteria will be preparing food for the fish fry.

Big congratulations to Austin B. who finished ninth overall in the KY State Archery Tournament, and qualified for the national championship tournament. Austin shot 290 out of a possible 300. The top score was 295, so you can see how competitive the tournament was. Way to go Austin!

This time of year is always so active. Please be sure to keep checking the calendar.

You have, no doubt, seen the correspondence about our activities and fundraisers. Our school is blessed with so many willing, dedicated and generous volunteers! But, we do not have 100% participation. I encourage everyone who has not found an opportunity to help out, to take some time to find a project or activity of interest. Even one event can be so helpful. Our bingo, the largest fundraiser we have, can always use some additional volunteers. Remember, the activities we sponsor all provide direct support to the learning of our students.

I close with this thought from “Lent with Pope Francis.”  It is a prayer he shares with us..

“The Lord can change us,
he wants to change us,
he loves to change us.
And this he does through love.
He only asks us for our faith:
to give space to his love
so it may act and bring about a change of life in us.”

God bless, and see you around campus,

Tony Riegling