Dr Tony Rieglings Letter 5/18/17


Well, here we are; at the end of another wonderful year of school! These last few days are always so hectic—we have graduation and all that goes with that, closing out of projects and activities, those last make-up tests, and, of course report cards. There are also lots of opportunities to congratulate those who have worked so hard and achieved so much this year.
We had a wonderful retreat day yesterday. Our whole school came together in activities and prayer to help keep Christ at the center of what we do. The theme involved the last two items of our PeaceBuilder pledge – noticing hurts and making up for those we might have caused. Be sure to ask your child how the day went.
We have had a great year. Our students have proved themselves academically and as members of various teams and clubs. We have over 50 stars in our Galaxy of Achievement recognizing individual and team accomplishments this year. Our students won several awards for writing and science. Scholarships and Terra Nova scores will be released as soon as we have them.
Some of our students will qualify for Title 1 lessons over the summer. You will receive an invitation if your child qualifies for the opportunity to attend those classes. Contact your child’s teacher if you believe there is a need.
There are many changes on the horizon as we look toward next year. As you know there are several personnel changes expected as we go through our summer. We will have more on that next week after we have more information on who may be changing rolls. Please be patient as everyone decides.
As May is a month dedicated to Mary, I will close with a thought from Saints and Sinners. “Mother Mary, little did you know what God had in store for you. May your example of simple day-to-day faith help us to unfold the presence of your son, Jesus, in all we do.”

See you around Campus!

Tony Riegling