Tuesdays 7-10 p.m.:  Doors open 5 p.m.

Join St. Paul Bingo on Tuesdays! Games start at 7 p.m. We offer a total of 34 games along with concessions, Put N Take Jackpot, Buddy Games, Bankers and More. You must purchase a set of regular games to win bingo/banker prize money.


Regular Games: 23 games total: Cost $12 for 18 face bingo card, $10 for 12 face bingo card, $8 for 6 face bingo card.
Coverall: $1 for 3 face bingo sheet. Prize is $1,000 for coverall in 51 numbers or less – number added each week until $1,000 is given away. Game played in three parts if $1,000 is not hit.

  • 1st Winner: $500
  • 2nd Winner: $300
  • 3rd Winner: $200
  • All prizes split if more than 1 winner

Early Bird Games: $3 a package for 10 games.

Put N Take Jackpot: $1 at the door and you can have your hand stamped with a number. If you win bingo on that number on any of the $100 prize games, you will receive whatever is in the jackpot up to $599.

Bankers: $1 each

For more information on the Bingo Program, please read: St. Paul Bingo

Help Bingo:

Volunteers are needed each week to help with bingo. Please sing up at this link to help: