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Dear St. Paul Community,

St. Paul Catholic School began in 1925 as a two-room schoolhouse run by Benedictine sisters. It was born out of a need for strong faith-based education.  St. Paul parishioners saw the need to provide families with this faith-based education in order to prepare children for the future.  They wanted to provide children not only with excellent skills to read, write and compute, but also with a strong belief in something greater than themselves.

Ninety-six years later, St. Paul Catholic School is still providing a strong faith-based education.  Our enrollment numbers have fluctuated with changing populations throughout the years, and our academics have evolved.  But, we have never wavered from our faith or the excellent education we provide.  We work hard every day to prepare our children with the skills and attributes that will help them be successful in the future, academically, personally and spiritually.

Throughout the years, we, like all other faith-based schools, have struggled to balance our budgets.  Maintaining a tuition that can pay for all of our costs as well as be affordable for our families has been quite a challenge.  We’ve tried various fundraisers.  We’ve enlisted volunteers and sold products. We’ve held fish frys and walk-a-thons. We’ve even auctioned off principal’s antics and priest’s participation in events.  While these things have been fun, we’ve come to a point where we need to do more.

We are now simply asking you to support our school.  No gimmicks. No products. No auctions. We are asking our families, past and present, to support us with a monetary donation.  Any donation would be appreciated.  No gift is too small, and certainly no gift is too big.  There are a lot of things we’d like to do.  But, we can’t do these things without funding.  The parish has supported us for a very long time and we are very grateful for that.  But, now has come the time that we need to reach out beyond the parish accounts for support.  We need to ask for all those that ever attended St. Paul, sent children through St. Paul, or know someone at St. Paul now for help.

Our school is excellent, not because we have a blue ribbon or because we’re ninety-six years old.  Our school is excellent because of the people that built the school, supported the school, have gone through the school, and call the school home now.  Our current students and staff want to carry on the same tradition of excellence and faith that have become our history and continue to offer this for generations to come.  We need your help to do so though.  Please donate and encourage others to donate as well.  We truly appreciate all the effort and support. Anything you donate to us is tax deductible and can be donated through WESHARE on the parish website by using the link

May God bless you for your kindness and support.

Psalm 127:3

Behold, children are our heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb & reward.


My husband and I originally decided on Catholic schooling based on the historically smaller class sizes and the reputation of providing a more challenging curriculum.  With both of us being “transplants” to the area, we had no affiliation with any of the surrounding schools.  While we visited multiple schools, our driving force for ultimately choosing St. Paul was the kind, warm, welcoming people associated with the school.  The commitment of the faculty and families to the student body and to each other was and continues to be unmatched.


We have been part of the St. Paul family since 2007. Our two oldest attended St. Paul K-8 and are continued on to St. Henry District High School.  Our third was able to start at St. Paul in preschool and is currently in 2ndgrade.  Our last is excited to become a Panther like his older siblings and start preschool in the fall!

We have loved being a part of the St. Paul Community since our daughter’s very first day of Kindergarten in 2007.  The administrators, teachers and staff are highly qualified and extremely dedicated. Our two oldest were very well prepared for high school, and were given a great foundation for continued success.  My husband, children and I have all made friendships that will last a lifetime in the St. Paul family.

My husband and I both attended Catholic grade school and high school, as did our parents. There was no doubt in our mind that our children would do the same.  We know first hand the value of a Catholic education.  It was never a matter of whether or not they would attend Catholic school, our only decision was which Catholic school they would attend.  We could not be happier with our selection of St. Paul School.  Our children have received an exceptional education and we have become part of an amazing community rooted in faith, fellowship and service.


St. Paul Catholic School has been a perfect fit for our family! We have been here for 6 years now and my son and daughter are absolutely thriving in this loving, family oriented environment. The dedicated teachers and staff really push the kids to be the best they can. They challenge them to the best of their abilities while giving them extra time and instruction when needed. The education our kids are getting is top notch and is reflective of St. Paul’s designation as a Blue ribbon School. The families at St. Paul are kind, caring and super involved and this shows in the spirit of teamwork and cooperation the kids display.

My personal favorite thing about the school is that absolutely everyone knows your children’s names and takes a deep interest in seeing them thrive. Many of the teachers have been at St. Paul for many years and are personally invested in the school, both during school hours and outside the classroom. I have one child with serious health concerns and ALL of the teachers have helped immensely to make sure he is always doing well and call me whenever they are concerned. Our principal is an excellent example of leadership in Catholic education and has been a wonderful addition to St. Paul.  The Christian values my kids display along with their always growing understanding of our Catholic faith make St. Paul the perfect school for our 6th and 2nd graders. We feel so grateful to be a part of this excellent school and parish!


Generations of our family have been enriched by Catholic Education and we have chosen to continue with our children here at St. Paul School. It has been such a wonderful experience watching our family grow in faith, education, stewardship and friendship at St. Paul. Our family will continue to support Catholic Education and our St. Paul family.