Bullying vs. Conflict

It is very important to know the difference between bullying and conflict.  Learn the differences below as well as ways to respond.



  • Hurtful
  • Repeated (happens regularly)
  • Intentional (on purpose)
  • Imbalance of power (person has a difficult time making the behavior stop)


  • Equal balance of Power
  • Usually a disagreement or different point of views
  • Both want the issue to be resolved
  • Normal part of life

How to Respond to Bullying:

  • Report it to a trusted adult right away.
  • Surround yourself with friends.
  • Focus on your strengths.
  • Speak up for yourself.
  • Do not respond to the bullying behaviors.
  • Stay away from the person.

How to Resolve Conflict:

  • Conflict is normal and is an equal disagreement between people
  • To resolve a conflict:
    • Cool down
    • Describe the conflict in your own words and what caused it
    • Describe your feelings from the conflict
    • Listen while the other person is talking
    • Brainstorm solutions to the conflict
    • Try your solution; If it doesn’t work try another