Diocesan Safe Environment Policy

All employees and anyone who volunteers in any way at St. Paul School or St. Paul Parish that involves children must comply with Diocesan Policy.  To be in compliance, you must:

  • Register and attend a Diocesan sponsored “Virtus” training session. Visit http://www.virtus.org/ or contact the school office at 859-647-4070 with any questions.
  • Read and sign off on the Policies and Procedures for Addressing Sexual Misconduct.
  • Submit information for a criminal background check.
  • Complete a volunteer application.
  • Complete monthly on-line training bulletins.

These requirements are Diocesan Policy and will be enforced.

 Security System

St. Paul School has a security system in place which has all doors locked during the school day. Those wishing to enter must ring the bell that is available only at the main school entrance (directly below the St. Paul School sign on the front of the George Schneider wing of the building). Office staff will have audio and visual contact with the visitor in order to identify the visitor’s purpose in coming before unlocking the door and giving admittance.


All visitors to school must report to the office to sign in and to obtain a visitor’s badge before proceeding to any other part of the building for any reason. Anyone moving through the building without a badge will be asked to return to the school office.

Parents or other authorized individuals who come to pick up students during the day must come to the office. Your child will be called to the office for you. No teacher will dismiss a student, even to a parent, directly from the classroom without authorization from the office. These regulations are aimed at the safety and protection of your children.


In the event of the possibility of immediate danger in the school or in the area of school, St. Paul School has an established procedure for a safety lockdown within the classroom. A system of communication with the intercom, cell phones, and visible signals from the classroom have been established. During the period of danger, no child will be released to anyone other than the parent or to someone that parent has  given specific permission to the school  to take responsibility for his/her child. In some cases where danger is extremely immediate, no one will be released until the situation has been resolved.

Tornado/Fire Drills

As part of its security program, St. Paul School conducts regular fire and tornado drills in accordance with local regulations. When such drills are held, all persons in the building are expected to comply and cooperate with the drill procedures. Each room has an evacuation map posted near the exit door that shows routes out of the building in case of fire. Tornado procedures require that all take shelter in an interior hall or windowless room if time allows, or under a desk or table if there is not time to move to another area.