Funeral Liturgy Planning

On behalf of St. Paul Parish, we wish to express to the family and friends of the deceased our sincere condolences. The information below is provided to assist those who will be planning the funeral liturgy. Please review the information prior to meeting with a representative from St. Paul.  We are here for you and will readily respond to your questions and concerns.

* Due to the amount of space we have available, visitations will not take place at St. Paul.

* Week day Funeral Liturgies will be celebrated at 10:00 a.m.

* To serve at a funeral, a Lector or Eucharistic Minister must be a commissioned minister in their home parish.  St. Paul can provide these if needed.

* Flowers and or pictures may be displayed in our Chapel or Gathering Space.

* Flowers are not to be included in the Offertory Procession.

* Eulogies may be offered during the visitation prior to the Mass.  Eulogies are not to take place in the main body of the church.

* During the Offertory Procession, no items may be placed on top of the pall.


First Reading (choose one)       First Reading from the Old Testament…

Second Reading (choose one)   Second Reading from the New Testament…

Gospel Reading (choose one)    Gospel Reading…


There are no set hymns for funerals; however, the music does need to be liturgical.  Consider music that is sung regularly on Sunday.  At St. Paul, we use the “Gather” Hymnal.  A list of the more commonly used hymns for funerals is here (choose five).  Our music director can also help choose appropriate music for you.