Financial Council

The Financial Council advises the pastor on the parish finances.

Worship Committee

Worship Committee helps ensure that the liturgies of the parish are prepared. This includes the people and elements for each liturgy such as lectors, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, candles, vessels, linens, environment, etc.

Parish Pastorial Council

St. Paul Parish Pastoral Council advises the pastor regarding his pastoral care and governance of the parish.

School Committee

The Committee is responsible for advising the pastor and principal of St. Paul Parish in the policies to be followed by St. Paul Catholic School, an apostolate of St. Paul Parish.


It is the purpose of the Booster Organization and the Athletic Committee to provide programs that will enhance the overall development of our children by promoting physical fitness and the positive characteristics of sportsmanship, and to complement the intellectual, spiritual, and academic formation of the children in the parish. For more information, visit the Boosters Page:

Parent Teacher Organization

The Parent Teacher Organization promotes participation of parents, guardians, and teachers in the programs and activities of St. Paul Catholic School. All parents, guardians, and staff are encouraged to be active members of the PTO. The efforts of the PTO are primarily directed toward providing those things that contribute to the overall quality of education. The PTO assists by building community, coordinating parent volunteers, and raising money to provide programs, services and equipment to enhance the educational experience at St Paul Catholic School. For more information, visit the PTO Page: