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Dear St. Paul Panther Community,

As we continue to navigate through our third school year impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is a time to reflect on the blessings of these past school years. For me, it was spending more time at home, with family. Everyone was home for dinner every night, we had opportunities to take walks at local parks and we found ourselves playing more board games and card games as a family. As a school administrator, the pandemic challenged our teachers to continue educating students in unchartered waters. We worked together to develop a plan to offer remote learning to our students.

One unanticipated blessing from the pandemic was the large amount of community support and grant money we would receive to help provide the best education possible for our students. The result of these two factors have provided for the students and staff of St. Paul School solid educational ground – Chromebooks for every student, laptops with camera access for every teacher, a network and broadband upgrade to support the increased technology, CLEAR touch interactive boards for every classroom, and a new Science series. We have made great strides on the “inside” – it is time for us to shift our focus on the “outside.”

In a devotional that I read each day, one of the reflection stated, “Father, thank You for caring about Your children enough to ensure our stability for this generation and many more to come, Amen.” (Daily Wisdom for Women 2021 Devotional Collection)

Our School is in its 97th year of educating students. Opened in 1925 as a two-room schoolhouse run by Benedictine sisters, it was born out of a need for strong faith-based education. For ninety-seven years, our staff has been committed to that mission. St. Paul was recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School in 2014, is accredited with Cognia (formerly Advanced Ed) and continues to produce students ready for the next level rooted in the mission and teachings of Jesus Christ. Now, our building is in desperate need of roof repair, window replacements and an HVAC upgrade. For this year’s Many Gifts, One Nation: A Day of Giving to Catholic Schools on February 1-2, 2022, we are asking for your financial support to help us make these needed repairs and improvements. In addition to financial support, if you are skilled in any of these areas and could offer your help with these repairs and improvements, please contact me at

St. Paul School offers a quality education with dedicated teachers and staff members. Please help us continue this tradition in a building that gets a “refresh” so we can continue our strong faith-based education “for this generation and many more to come.” If you are able to make a donation during the National Catholic Education Association (NCEA) Many Gifts, One Nation: A Day of Giving to Catholic Schools on February 1-2, 2022 our school community would be grateful or if you would like to donate now, go to! Thank you for your consideration in supporting our mission!

Joanne Nesmith


Psalm 127:3

Behold, children are our heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb & reward.


When I think of St. Paul School, I think of one word…community. We originally chose St. Paul because of their reputation of having an excellent Kindergarten program.  We planned to stay only that year.  However, after only a week, every teacher I came across said hello to my daughter by name. The atmosphere was so welcoming and enthusiastic, and after just a short while, St. Paul felt like more than just a school.  It started to feel like family.  Put that together with top-notch teachers and a truly impressive administration, and you have the best bargain in town. After all, you can’t put a price on family.


My husband and I have raised our family in the Catholic School setting for 18 years. We now have 3 children in three different school in the Diocese of Covington, all starting their primary education at St. Paul Catholic School. Making the decision to send our children to Catholic school was always something I knew we wanted to do. They say hind sight is always 20/20, and I’m sure glad we did.   St. Paul has been wonderful to each of our children. Having the small tight knit community where everyone knows everyone is comforting to us. Every child is addressed by their name, even by the principal! Our first child started St. Paul in 2008, and we have had at least one child enrolled since. There isn’t just one thing to write about why we love this school, there are many things. Some qualities can not be expressed in writing.  We have recently moved a town away, yet still drive the distance to St. Paul for our youngest to complete his education with the friends he has made and teachers he has grown to love. That speaks volumes!

Jarron and Tricia

St. Paul Catholic School has been one of the best decisions we have ever made for our four children.  Our oldest child started in Kindergarten in 2004, and we looked at numerous schools before we chose St. Paul.

We felt so welcomed by the Principal and Staff on that initial tour and we just knew it was “The School” for us, which paved the way for our other children as we have had a child here ever since then.  We have made lifelong friendships and our children have achieved academic success over their time at St. Paul – it has been a solid foundation for them to thrive in K-8, into high school, into college, as well as into the real world.

St. Paul has excellent teachers that are committed and dedicated to the students and we love how the teachers combine their experience with new technology and new ways to educate.  With time, comes change.  When Mrs. Nesmith arrived with her experience and enthusiasm as the leader of St. Paul, it reinforced the reason we came to St. Paul and remain here.  Leadership, experience, technology and being open minded to new ways to educate children are what you will find at St. Paul.

We have had 3 Graduates at St. Paul and we feel so blessed for our last child to be a part of this special school.  Life is like a building – you must have a solid foundation.  St. Paul Catholic School offers a solid foundation in academics and character, and we feel so thankful to have found this wonderful school for our four children!!

Brian and Michelle

My husband and I originally decided on Catholic schooling based on the historically smaller class sizes and the reputation of providing a more challenging curriculum.  With both of us being “transplants” to the area, we had no affiliation with any of the surrounding schools.  While we visited multiple schools, our driving force for ultimately choosing St. Paul was the kind, warm, welcoming people associated with the school.  The commitment of the faculty and families to the student body and to each other was and continues to be unmatched.


We have been part of the St. Paul family since 2007. Our two oldest attended St. Paul K-8 and are continued on to St. Henry District High School.  Our third was able to start at St. Paul in preschool and is currently in 2ndgrade.  Our last is excited to become a Panther like his older siblings and start preschool in the fall!

We have loved being a part of the St. Paul Community since our daughter’s very first day of Kindergarten in 2007.  The administrators, teachers and staff are highly qualified and extremely dedicated. Our two oldest were very well prepared for high school, and were given a great foundation for continued success.  My husband, children and I have all made friendships that will last a lifetime in the St. Paul family.

My husband and I both attended Catholic grade school and high school, as did our parents. There was no doubt in our mind that our children would do the same.  We know first hand the value of a Catholic education.  It was never a matter of whether or not they would attend Catholic school, our only decision was which Catholic school they would attend.  We could not be happier with our selection of St. Paul School.  Our children have received an exceptional education and we have become part of an amazing community rooted in faith, fellowship and service.


St. Paul Catholic School has been a perfect fit for our family! We have been here for 6 years now and my son and daughter are absolutely thriving in this loving, family oriented environment. The dedicated teachers and staff really push the kids to be the best they can. They challenge them to the best of their abilities while giving them extra time and instruction when needed. The education our kids are getting is top notch and is reflective of St. Paul’s designation as a Blue ribbon School. The families at St. Paul are kind, caring and super involved and this shows in the spirit of teamwork and cooperation the kids display.

My personal favorite thing about the school is that absolutely everyone knows your children’s names and takes a deep interest in seeing them thrive. Many of the teachers have been at St. Paul for many years and are personally invested in the school, both during school hours and outside the classroom. I have one child with serious health concerns and ALL of the teachers have helped immensely to make sure he is always doing well and call me whenever they are concerned. Our principal is an excellent example of leadership in Catholic education and has been a wonderful addition to St. Paul.  The Christian values my kids display along with their always growing understanding of our Catholic faith make St. Paul the perfect school for our 6th and 2nd graders. We feel so grateful to be a part of this excellent school and parish!


Generations of our family have been enriched by Catholic Education and we have chosen to continue with our children here at St. Paul School. It has been such a wonderful experience watching our family grow in faith, education, stewardship and friendship at St. Paul. Our family will continue to support Catholic Education and our St. Paul family.


My husband and I stumbled upon St. Paul by accident. We were searching for a school that would allow two working parents to keep drop off and pick up easy for our two young children.  When the day care director heard about our transportation needs, she informed us of an open house for St. Paul that was happening that evening and the school was across the street from the day care.  Although I was raised Catholic, my husband was not, and attending a Catholic school would not have been our first choice.

When we walked into the open house, we were greeted by several warm and friendly teachers.  The principal of the school invited us to the office to discuss our educational wishes and desires for our soon-to-be first grader.  My husband and I could not believe that the principal had taken so much time to get to know us and our child while still explaining the nuts and bolts of an education at St. Paul.  While walking to our car afterwards, we both noted that it just felt like home and knew that there was no need to look at any other schools.  We turned our registration paperwork in the next day. Since then, we have had two daughters graduate from St. Paul and move on to Saint Henry District High School.  Our third daughter started in the Preschool and is now in the third grade.

Our children have excelled academically.  They were both well prepared for high school and had no trouble transitioning into the rigor of high school.  Our children had excellent teachers at St. Paul that understood how to push each to excel while fostering creativity and a love for life-long learning.  The teachers really got to know our kids both academically and personally.

In addition to academics, St. Paul provided a rich environment for our kids to participate in many activities that they may not have tried in a larger environment.  They were able to participate in many athletic teams (volleyball, basketball, and archery), academic teams, science competitions, and drama/music productions.  Because of the small size of the school everyone was encouraged to participate in all activities thereby encouraging the kids to try new things and discover their niche.

Our kids have developed a strong sense of personal responsibility for serving the needs of others.  We are not Catholic, but are Christian, and the strong foundation of faith that St. Paul provides allows our kids to embody the commandments to love God and love people.  Our children are excited to belong to service organizations and find opportunities to serve others and give back to their community because this type of behavior was encouraged at St. Paul.

Finally, there is a strong sense of community at the school.  Neither my husband nor I grew up in the Greater Cincinnati area, and the St. Paul community quickly made us one of their own. Parents are encouraged to volunteer and get involved in fun activities that support the school and the students. Our best friends are the parents of kids from St. Paul that we met at athletic games, social events, fundraisers, and volunteering.  St. Paul doesn’t require participation, but we wanted to be part of the energy, the connectedness, and the family of St. Paul.  So, although we may have stumbled upon St. Paul by accident, we are glad that we landed there and would choose it again if given the chance.

Laurie and Bryan