St. Paul School is committed to serving the families of St. Paul Parish. After these families have been served, if there is room available, the school is open to all who may wish to enroll with the following guidelines:

Registration is opened by formal announcement during the 1st week in February for the school year that starts the following August. Enrollment is held open for members of the parish until the last business day in February. At that time students are accepted in the following priority:

1-Families that already have students enrolled in St. Paul.

2-Families that belong to St. Paul Parish who live in the boundaries of St. Paul Parish.

3-Catholics who do not belong to St. Paul or who live outside the boundaries of the parish.

4-All non-Catholics.

St. Paul will have a maximum of 3 classes per grade level on the following basis:

20-29 students                             one class

40-59 students                             two classes

60-80 students                            three classes

Waiting lists will be established until the next level of enrollment is reached.