As a Catholic school, St. Paul promotes academic excellence and religious formation.  It strives to provide its students with the appropriate programs, training, and environment so that the students may become effective, independent learners and productive members of the community.  Access to and training in technology advances will be emphasized.  Preparation also involves education and activities that will help students attain the values, skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to live and love as Jesus did.

Mission Statement:

It is the mission of St. Paul School to help its students grow spiritually, educationally, socially, physically and emotionally.  May each day bring us closer to Jesus.


Therefore St. Paul School strives to:

  • Provide for Christian development through formal religious training, opportunities for prayer of various types, and an atmosphere that nurtures respect for all.
  • Provide for academic development through competent teachers, quality curriculum, attention to individual differences, and appropriate materials.
  • Provide for personal development by stressing personal responsibility, positive self-image, the development of interpersonal relationships, and good physical health.
  • Provide an ongoing process of assessment of the delivery of these varied services.
  • Provide teacher and student access to and training in different applications of technology that improve learning.

No one shall be refused admission to any church, school or institution, or membership in any Catholic society or organization on the grounds of race or nationality.