Purpose: Saint Paul Boosters are responsible for all school sponsored sports programs at Saint Paul School with the help of generous volunteers who help run the programs and raise money. Due to the hard work of our members, in addition to managing and providing funding for athletic programs we have also accomplished the following:

  • Purchase Chrome Books for each eight grade student
  • Donate to the Capital Campaign Reduction Fund of the parish
  • Provide funding towards the playground equipment
  • Provide funding towards the mascot uniform

Fundraising: Fundraisers include the annual Golf Outing, Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament, Father/Daughter Dance, Skills & Drills, Saint Paul Classic Basketball Tournament, Fish Fry, & Charity Mania to name a few.

Membership: We are currently looking for new members, especially families with younger students to get involved. If you are interested please email Booster President Bryan Bailey with the below form. Boosters’ meetings are on the first Thursday of the month.

Football Mania: Football Mania tickets are a great way to raise money by purchasing tickets with three randomly grouped teams for each week of the 17 week NFL season.  There are 10 winning tickets each week (highest and lowest group scores) with weekly prizes that range from $400 to $25.  There are also two grand prizes for highest and lowest ticket for the entire season paying out $1,000 (high) and $275 (low).

Highlights of the fundraiser

  • Tickets are only $20 and will give buyers 17 weeks of chances to win (that’s less than $1.25 per week to play)
  • Each ticket has a coupon for $20 of music downloads from CharityStudio which equals the ticket value
  • $14 of the $20 will come directly to St. Paul Boosters (70% of the donation)
  • Weekly emails will be sent to update all participants of the weekly winners from St. Paul.
  • Tickets must be activated by no later than 9/10/15, so we only have 3 weeks to sell tickets

We need to move 500 tickets so if you are interested in selling tickets or just want to buy a couple please contact Boosters using the below form.

Contact St. Paul Boosters

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