St. Paul Volleyball is available for grades 3 through 8. All leagues are recreational through the 6th grade. The leagues for grades 7 and 8 will offer both competitive and recreational teams as registration allows. St. Paul School is not competitive in the sense of the Club or Select volleyball definition but in the best way we can be with the skill level of our players. St. Paul School does not have the student numbers to form a team at the select level. In addition, being a Catholic school we have additional goals that we are looking to share with these girls, many described in the document above. All of the players will practice 100%, all of the players will be coached to improve their fundamental skills and knowledge of volleyball and all of the girls will be a 100% part of the team. It is important to remember that while improving skills and presenting a strong team is a goal of the St. Paul Sports program but the overall goals of building team work, sportsmanship, faith, friends and FUN are also at the forefront! All girls are welcomed and encouraged to participate in the various select volleyball opportunities offered in our area. Coaches will assist in guiding any player interested in these opportunities.

Season Schedule Expectations:

April 8:
Online Registration open until May 10, 2019
Director makes contacts with/for Coaches

Middle School Tryouts:

1st and 2nd Mondays in May (times to be determined)
Plan to announce teams before end of school year

Coaches Meeting:

Held in June- determine practice schedule, review guidelines and expectations.

Plan to starts the week after the St. Paul Parish Festival (or early July if schedule allows), Practices are 90 minutes practices: elementary practices 1x/week, middle school practices 2x/week

League games typically begin the first week of school and seasons run 6-8 weeks depending on number of teams registered per league with an end of season tournament. One additional tournament for grade 3-5; two tournaments for grades 6-8 if available

2019 Volleyball Dates

  • Registration Open: Registration is open through May 10, 2019. Fee is $85.  Parents and players are required to read the St. Paul Sports Handbook before registering.  Note that when asked to enter grade level, you will put the grade level your child will be in at the start of next school year. Click Here to register...
  • Middle School Volleyball Tryouts: TBD